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Specializing in Physical Therapy services for infants, children and young adults.  

Working with individuals with a variety of orthopedic, neurological and developmental needs.

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A COVID-19 Update
A Plan Moving Forward........
Policies for Its Ability Pediatric Physical Therapy Re-opening
Anticipated June 2020
Its Ability Pediatric Physical Therapy, Inc remains committed to providing the highest quality physical therapy to our clients during this time of social distancing due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are providing telehealth services to our clients and are constantly learning new, effective techniques to use with our patients. That being said, we realize that there are some patients who need hands-on therapy that cannot be provided through telehealth. As we begin to safely re-open our clinic, the following procedures will be implemented to ensure the safest possible experience for all.
For patients:
-We encourage you to take your temperature at home before leaving for the clinic. If you have not, your temperature will be scanned on arrival.
-Please do not arrive at your appointment early. The waiting room is closed, so you will have to wait in your car. Appointments will be spaced out to minimize contact between patients.
-Only the patient and one caregiver are allowed in the clinic. No siblings will be allowed in the building.
-You will be met at the front door by your therapist. They will ask if you have taken your temperature. They will also ask screening questions about any symptoms you have experienced over the past week.
-Parent and therapist must wear a mask, and gloves will be available if desired. Your child can wear a mask if they are able. There will be a poster explaining how to put the mask and gloves on and the supplies will be provided for you. Cloth masks are discouraged.
-All belongings, including adults’ shoes, will be left in the waiting room in a bin. The bin will be disinfected after you leave.
-You will be asked to wash your hands on the way in and on the way out of the clinic area.
-Only one area of the clinic will be used during your visit. Any toys used will be preselected and set aside to be used only by your child. They will be thoroughly washed after your child uses them each session.
-Your therapist will be thoroughly disinfecting all areas of the clinic that were touched during your session after you leave. Please limit your movements in the clinic as much as possible.
-If any person who comes into the clinic is determined to be Covid-19 positive we will close the clinic for two weeks and do a full cleaning.

We are providers of evaluations for
Adaptive Equipment and 
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We also have a clinic in Manchester!!

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