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Therapy Inc.
Arts Ability

Arts Ability, a program of It’s Ability Physical Therapy, has a mission to empower people of all abilities the freedom of creative expression without boundaries.   Arts Ability invites artists of all abilities to work collaboratively and celebrate the power of creativity, connection and purpose.

Artist participants are offered a responsive adapted structure, quality materials and a welcoming space to create wildly imaginative, beautiful creations that are fresh and colorful.

With freedom of choice, artists share their ideas, imagination and creativity while actively making their project come to life. Supportive assistance is continually available throughout the creative process to adapt, modify or structure successful creations while fostering the self-expression of the artist.

Community residence artists and handcrafters, including painters, potters, fabric artists, weavers and woodworkers have joined in partnerships with Arts Ability to offer mentorship of their crafts in our Warner studio.

Arts Ability is open to people of all ages and all abilities. We particularly welcome those who are typically perceived through their differences to engage in creative expression, celebrate their uniqueness and talents through collaborative art.

Arts Ability is formerly known as “ARTS: Adaptive, Respite, Therapeutic Play Services”, an adapted arts program that was designed and implemented by Cindy Best, PT. Cindy has moved on to greater adventures and will be dearly missed by all.

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134 Hall Street Suite #1 Concord, NH 03301
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